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About our Methods

This Blog was created by S.K. Yarbrough also known to the Blogosphere as Scotty.  Scotty has been  involved with the markets for 40 years and was a Series 7 and Series 3 licensed  Stock Broker for 12 years.  He has studied and uses knowledge of the following;  In alphabetical order (not in order of importance)

Astronomics,  G Bayer, D Bradley, Cycles,  RN Elliott,  WD Gann,  JM Hurst,  Market Geometry, Schumanns Resonance  and Technical Analysis.  Scotty has created a “Market Map” which is a synthesis of hundreds of cycles.  This “Market Map” and “Hurst Envelopes and Oscillator” are not available anywhere else.  Markets followed are the S&P 500, Gold,  the Dollar and  Bonds (30 yr T-Bond Futures).  The indicators and charts presented here are to assist market participants in their efforts  and are for educational purposes only and are not to be construed as investment or trading advice.

I presume the readers of this blog  are above average in market knowledge and it is aimed at that audience.   I have spent 40 years learning and studying all I can about the markets to make a success of them.   I have spent most of my adult life finding these special, unique charts and indicators  and they are proprietary.   Due to time limitations I’m unable to educate those new to the markets and regulations don’t allow me to give specific recomendations.  There are thousands of books written on most market subjects.  What you won’t find in books is here.  Most of you will immediately see the value.


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