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Version #4 Trading bands—At Incredible Low Prices

July 1, 2014

Awesome super low prices and 3 smaller “Modules”or market segments are here at Market Highs and Lows.  You can take a monthly trial for just $5.00 of any market segment for 30 days.    After the 30 day trial monthly prices are from $8.75 to $12.95 per market segment. The Modules are ‘Metals’  ‘Forex’ and ‘Stock indexes”.  To see what each Module  covers click here

The latest Version…..#4  of the trading bands is the best yet.  They are much more responsive and green bands are support and red bands are resistance and are sometimes so accurate……its hard to believe.   We have added channels with the bands and when the 2 different disciplines meet the power of support and resistance is doubled.  The Dow 30 Industrial chart  is the only one with a Gann square that  continually  gives  excellent CIT’s  (Changes in trend). There is a new Tutorial at the Members site that explains how to use the bands.  Below are 2 of my favorite charts…… the daily DOW chart with Gann Square and the weekly SPX chart.  Study them carefully……

Notice how often highs and lows stop near a band.   Now the bands contain 97% of the markets price action.  Click on the charts for a larger size.

















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